Product Name: Low Temperature Sludge Dryer

Low Temperature Sludge Dryer

Sludge Dryer

Low Temperature Sludge Dryer

Product description: Low Temperature Sludge Dryer

Product details

Low Temperature Sludge Dryer

Low temperature sludge dryer solution can reduce sludge moisture from 83% to 30%-10% as per specific requirement, with volume reduction by 67%, weight reduction by 80% and sterilization rate by 90%. It’s energy-efficient and eco-friendly, and has been extensively applied in municipal sludge and industrial sludge (e.g printing & dyeing, chemical, pharmacy, paper making, plating, leather). Moreover, the dried sludge meets the disposal requirement of reduction, disinfection, stabilization and re-utilization.



Low Temperature Sludge Dryer – Dewatering & Drying Combined Solution( Combine with Screw press, Belt press, Centrifuge, etc)

(1) 1 : 4.2

1 kWh electricity alone is capable to remove as much as 4.2 kgs of water from wet sludge, comparing to normal 1-2.5 kg of water per kWh. Save energy bill and reduce carbon footprint.

(2) 67% / 80%

Reduce wet sludge volume by 67% and weight by 80%. Save transportation cost.

(3) 75ºC / 50ºC

Control processing temperature under 75ºC with outlet dried sludge temperature below 50ºC. Intrinsic safe and no explosion worries.

(4) 0 / 90%

Zero odor emission and sterilization rate higher than 90%. Eco-friendly.

(5) 99% - 10%

Reduce Sludge Moisture from 99% to 10% in one Combined Set. Easy operation.

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