Product Name: Screw Press Sludge Dewatering ST131

Screw Press Sludge Dewatering

Sludge thickening

Sludge Dehydrator

Multi-disc sludge dewatering

Product description: Screw Press Sludge Dewatering

Product details

Screw Press Sludge Dewatering ST131

Screw press sludge dewatering/ thickening/ thickener also called Multi-Disc Screw Press , it's clog-free and can reduce the sedimentation tank and sludge thickening tank, saving the cost of sewage plant construction. Minimized waste water and saving the cost of transport.

Screw press using screw and the moving rings to clean itself as clog-free structure, and controlled by the PLC automatically, it's a new technology that can replace the traditional filter press like belt press and frame press, the screw speed is very low, so it cost low power and water consumption in contrast to the centrifuge.

Sludge Dewatering Press is a high performance sludge dewatering system. It utilizes a central screw auger and a slowly oscillating multi-disk filter to gradually increase pressure on flocculated sludge to produce an exceptionally dry sludge cake. With electrical, water and polymer usage, and high capture rates the system is very cost effective.

Sludge Dewatering Press can be provided with all equipment required for dewatering included and factory mounted, piped and wired on a single stainless steel skid. This equipment includes the sludge pump, wash water pump, polymer dosing system and control panel. The system features fully automated one pushbutton startup and shutdown. Once started up the system can run unattended and can be set to shutdown automatically with no operator intervention.
Sludge Dewatering Press is constructed entirely of stainless steel 304/316.

• Enclosed to minimize odors and noise (lower than 65Db)
• Very low wash water usage(1/8 compared with belt press)
• Very low power consumption(1/20 compared with centrifuge)
• High cake solids
• Minimal operator requirement
• Easy to operate and maintain
• Auto start-up, run and shutdown
• Touch screen operation optional
• Sludge Flow and Cake Monitoring System


Widely application
Exclusive pre-concentration  design , applicable sludge concentration of 2000mg/L~50000mg/L Due to innovation of the structure design .Highly suitable to various high and low concentration sludge most especially the oily ones.
Widely application range including municipal sewage ,food wastewater,slaughter house ,printing and dyeing, oil chemical industry, paper making ,leather ,pharmacy and other different kinds of sludge dewatering.

Clogging free

Due to the moving of the fixed rings and moving rings self -cleaning .The ubiquitous clogging is avoided .Handing oily sludge without trouble while separating the water from the sludge easily . Above all , no need large quantiry of flushing water and no odor ,no secondary pollution during the sludge dewatering process .

Operation Cost saving

Screw Press  relles on the inner pressure of the filter chamber  and the rotating speed is as slow as 2~4rpm. The average  unit power consumption is only 0.1~0.01kwh/kg-DS(1/8 of Belt Filter Press and 1/20 of Centrifuge) . Greatly reduce the running cost of wastewater treatment system

Automatic Operation

High efficient for oily sludge

Flow Chart:


  Chemical Project

Dairy Wastewater Project

Chemical Project:


Model DS Capacity Sludge Treating Capacity Screw specification  Mud cake outlet to ground Distance(mm) Dimension(mm) Net Weight Operation Weight
10000mg/L 20000mg/L 30000mg/L 40000mg/L 50000mg/L Length(L) Width(W) Height(H)
ST101 3~5kg/h ~0.5m3/h ~0.25m3/h ~0.2m3/h ~0.15m3/h ~0.14m3/h φ100×1 215 1850 740 1040 220kg 315kg
ST131 6~12kg/h ~1m3/h ~0.5m3/h ~0.4m3/h ~0.3m3/h ~0.28m3/h φ130×1 250 2000 785 1040 250kg 395kg
ST201 9~20kg/h ~1.5m3/h ~0.75m3/h ~0.6m3/h ~0.5m3/h ~0.4m3/h φ200×1 350 2510 900 1300 420kg 540kg
ST202 18~40kg/h ~3m3/h ~1.5m3/h ~1.2m3/h ~1.0m3/h ~0.8m3/h φ200×2 350 2560 1050 1300 550kg 660kg
ST301 30~60kg/h ~5m3/h ~2.5m3/h ~2m3/h ~1.5m3/h ~1.4m3/h φ300×1 530 3330 1005 1760 900kg 1300kg
ST302 60~120kg/h ~10m3/h ~5m3/h ~4m3/h ~3m3/h ~2.8m3/h φ300×2 530 3530 1290 1760 1350kg 2000kg
ST303 90~180kg/h ~15m3/h ~7.5m3/h ~6m3/h ~4.5m3/h ~4.2m3/h φ300×3 530 3680 1620 1760 1900kg 2700kg
ST304 120~240kg/h ~20m3/h ~10m3/h ~8m3/h ~6m3/h ~5.6m3/h φ300×4 530 3830 2010 1760 2500kg 3600kg
ST351 65~100kg/h ~10m3/h ~5m3/h ~4m3/h ~3m3/h ~2.4m3/h φ350×1 570 4005 1100 2130 1100kg 2000kg
ST352 130~200kg/h ~20m3/h ~10m3/h ~8m3/h ~6m3/h ~4.8m3/h φ350×2 570 4390 1650 2130 2100kg 3250kg
ST353 195~300kg/h ~30m3/h ~15m3/h ~12m3/h ~9m3/h ~7.2m3/h φ350×3 570 4520 1980 2130 3100kg 4600kg
ST354 260~400kg/h ~40m3/h ~20m3/h ~16m3/h ~12m3/h ~9.6m3/h φ350×4 570 4750 2715 2130 4100kg 5700kg
ST401 95~160kg/h ~13m3/h ~6.5m3/h ~5m3/h ~4m3/h ~3.2m3/h φ400×1 660 4680 1110 2100 2200kg 4200kg
ST402 190~320kg/h ~25m3/h ~13m3/h ~10m3/h ~8m3/h ~6.4m3/h φ400×2 660 4960 1760 2100 3500kg 6000kg
ST403 285~480kg/h ~39m3/h ~19.5m3/h